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6 Oct

TCU TV – The Morgan Long & Dan Kruk Interview

Morgan and Dan are on the latest episode of TCU TV, watch the video above or listen to it on soundcloud below.
Here’s a quick summary via The Come Up
02:30 Morgan’s story
06:00 Injuries
09:00 Pegless riding
12:00 Long Beach
17:00 Cassettes vs coasters
18:30 Cement Face
22:00 Morgan’s experience with a shady doctor
27:30 Morgan’s new Hoodbird promo he filmed with Miles
31:00 What do your parents think of you being a pro rider?
34:30 The time Morgan got jumped for his bike and Gabe Brooks saved the day
38:20 Dan Kruk’s relationship with California
41:00 Mike Hinkens
44:45 Grant C
48:15 We The People
50:00 Dan’s Barcelona trip
57:00 Crazy set up’s vs flat ledges
1:00:00 Pegless skinhead conspiracy
1:03:00 Favorite numbers
1:09:20 Drinking

23 Sep


Dan Kruk recently spent some time on the east coast with a few of his We The People teammates shredding on the #GETINTHEVANTOUR

9 Sep

Bobbie Altiser X Tom Stretton split Colony BMX video

The creative minds and front wheel skills of Bobbie Altiser and Tom Stretton collided to form this awsome split video for Colony BMX

22 May

New Shot Glasses

2015-5-15 friday

Shot glasses available now in the webstore.

17 May

Eben Spraying Brix at Thee Block

Eben Fischer working on the the brick wall at Thee Block

17 May

Thee Block

2015-5-9 thee block billboard
A few photos of some of the products we have available at Thee Block
1108 N Kenmore Ave
Los Angeles Ca 90029
The rest of the photos Here.
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15 May

Morgan’s Signature Dan’s Graphic Animation

This is a stop motion style animation that I put together of the the finished graphic for Morgan’s signature Dan’s Comp Tee Shirt. I took the original scan of Eben’s artwork and manipulated all the different frames in Photoshop.

15 May

Full PoolGame Line Available Now


Everything available now on the Webstore.

15 May

Eben Working on Morgan’s Signature Dans Shirt

A quick video of Eben working on the original watercolor painting that is being used as the graphic for Morgan’s signature Dan’s Comp tee shirt, available now Here.

12 May

Cement Face x Peep Game PoolGame promo

Peep Game x Cement Face #Poolgame colab available now on the webstore